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Monday, May 02 2016
Vacation Pet House Sitting Over night



I just received a phone call from a new client located in Suwanee, Georgia who was absolutely thrilled to know that a reliable, pet sitter could spend the night or several nights with his dog while he's out of town. This new trend is becoming aytpical in the pet world of we pet loving parents!   While traveling, many hotels or condos - just don't allow pets.

We offer a professional pet sitter who clearly volunteers to leave her home to pick up and move over for a weekend or week, etc.. (however long it is)...This is a responsiblity WE happily take seriously.  Also, many elderly pets are super nervous, may need medication at odd times, and also have some anxiety with being alone. This scenario also applies to new pups who need frequent outside breaks - - which 4-5 visits per day - the fees start to really add up. Thus, It makes sense to have our trustworthy, reliable, Pet Sitter stay over night with your dogs or cats.  Isn't it great to know you don't have to rush to the vet or boarder after a long drive or flight to pick up your pets?

More importantly, your pet sitter will discuss minor household chores you may need while she is staying there - such as:

Getting the mail, taking the trash cans to the street, returning the trash cans, watering the plants, putting deliveries inside the house, etc. You get the picture.

Naturally, if you're like me, you try your best to take your dogs with you on vacation - - but, many times that is just NOT an option.

Overnight House sitting is a perfect solution to boarding your cats or dogs simply because your pet children will be calmer, happier, and rested because they are sleeping in their own environment!  No nasty germs to pick up at the kennel.

Pet Pleasers promises that your peace of mind and comfort level while on vacation is essential to our business.

Set up time for us to come over and discuss all the pet sitting details for your next trip.

Rates vary - but range from $65 - $75 per night.  This includes dog walking, and various other requests discussed at the meet and greet.

Finally, I hope this blog introduced you to the wonderful world of over night pet sitting care. If this isn't for you, we obviously arrange a visit schedule that adapts to what your pets need. Daily visits range from $20 - $25 per visit.

Summer time is just about here and May - August is peak season.  Please arrange a meet and greet ahead of time with us - -so we can commit our schedules to your fur babies!  We want you to have a relaxed vacation!

We can't wait to meet you and your family pets!  Call us !  678.313.2635

Sunshine Guarantee your pets are home happy and safe!

Warm wishes,

Dee Peck


Pet Pleasers, Inc.

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