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Monday, February 19 2018
Dog Walking and Dog Etiquette

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I want to start by saying when you become a dog owner; it is up to YOU and your family to be responsible, loving and supportive dog owners. Most of the time this means you should be willing to sacrifice some time on a Saturday morning or an evening to give your dog proper attentive dog training. Enjoy this time with your dog -- get your kids involved. You decided to have a dog or dogs in your family; therefore give your pets the attention they deserve. I have some ideas that have worked well for me over the years as a dog owner and dog walker.

First, if you have a new puppy, this is always challenging--and if you feel that you may not have the time or expertise to provide good, solid puppy training; I suggest you take your pup to Pet Smart training or a trained professional who will save you alot of anxiety. These 1 hour sessions are not that expensive; and are well worth your time. It is also very very important that you continue being consistent and devoted to executing what you learn at dog training school. Once your pup is engaged in training -- you continue this!  You don't just stop disciplining or "ignore" practicing dog commands. Please practice. This will be a WIN/WIN for you and your family.

You as the walker --- YOU are in charge!  Not your dog!  This attitude starts at the very beginning. If you're still having trouble with your dog and she is behaving badly -- you need to get her back into training. Do not give up!  Your willingness to give time, energy and money from the VERY START -- is going to be a healthy, happy investment to you, your dog and your family in the long-run. For example, your pooch barks loudly and horribly at other people/dogs. This is wrong! Why accept this? You need to get your dog back into training to teach her who is boss. All dogs are trainable-- I don't believe that there is a breed that won't learn--this is a myth. Also, your older dog can STILL LEARN--- teach her to stop that bad behavior and your whole family (and neighbors) will thank you for it! If you do not want to go the extra mile to register your misbehaving dog in class -- then, YOU as the owner should be accountable to learn how to teach your pup to STOP bad behavior. Ask questions; be assertive and get the information you need to practice with your pup to get rid of the problem.     ie.   Study Cesar!

Is your dog jumping up on visitors when they arrive; Give your dog the knee. Fill a can with Pennies and shake loudly!  This will also help with incessant barking.  Who is the boss?  YOU ARE.. not your dog(s).

Now, let's move to the dog walking scenario.  Walking up and down your neighborhood streets should be relaxing, safe and easy with your dog.  FACING the cars when you walk your dog is absolutely the best choice you can make. Of course, if you are briefly crossing the street for whatever reason; or walking hardly 100 steps with your dog--- that is the exception. For instance, a 20- 30 minute dog walk should be handled safely and without fear of some random car swerving and almost or worse --- hitting YOU!  Because of texting or driving too fast.. Why would you risk your life or your dog(s)?  You are already distracted walking your dog and NOT facing a moving car just opens up the risks.  Or if you stop to speak with someone; Well, that's even a better reason to be FACING a moving vehicle. I honestly get very frustrated with my own neighborhood with cars driving too fast, swerving at signs; not stopping at signs..etc.  It's just sensible to FACE the cars. I feel this way about runners/walkers --- you should be facing ongoing traffic.  Naturally, it is safer to walk on a sidewalk if applicable -- this is an exception. In fact, we know there are unique situations where you and your four-legged friend are cruising down a zero traffic street. Use your judgment.. Right? The majority of time if you walk your dog(s) in your neighborhood streets -- you should FACE the traffic. Of course, in greenways..public parks..trails..sidewalks.. Walk your dog with the direction of other walkers. Again.. these are safe scenarios, as long as you continue practicing appropriate dog training. Always, stop your dog if another dog tries to get close; the proper dog etiquette is to say, "is your dog friendly?"  Then, proceed.  Not all dogs are always friendly. Be aware.

I do not care if your dog likes the opposite side of the street; or is used to doing what she wants and pulls and pulls you. YOU ARE the ALPHA!  YOU ARE THE BOSS!  Please be aware and mindful that practicing sensible Dog walking and dog training at the very very beginning of training your dog -- this is very important.  Also, on the flip side -- if you adopt an older dog -- hopefully, this dog has good training skills; but, if not -- you are still in charge.. Dogs will adapt.  I promise. Its up to the dog owner to be consistent, dedicated, firm and give positive reinforcements to dogs in training.

Finally, I understand that some animals have behavioral issues which need addressing. Take control and monitor bad habits in order to build on what your dog is needing. There are reputable Day Camps for Dogs which are really great for highly energetic young dogs. Keep working with your pup and she will sense that you are building a foundation of trust, love and attention to her. An exercised dog is healthier, happier and less anxious! Practice and teach good dog habits always and your furry child will love you for it! A Pet Pleasers pet sitter will not only feed and love your pet(s) -- but, we go the extra mile for you and your family.

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