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Frequently asked questions

We know there may be questions that you could have forgotten to ask at our meet and greet.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Pet Sitting Services.

Thank you for Choosing Pet Pleasers At your Home Pet Sitting!

*How do I schedule an in home meeting with Pet Pleasers?
Send us an email at or call us to speak to someone about our services.   678.313.2635
Your sitter will arrange a time that is convenient for you to come to your home for a meet and greet with you and your pet(s). 
The Sitter brings necessary paperwork for you to complete at this meeting.
It's advisable to schedule this 2 weeks in advance before holiday weeks approach.
* Is there a fee for the initial meet and greet?
There is no fee for the first meet and greet. If a sitter needs to return for an additional meeting or to pick up keys a $10 fee may be charged.
* When do I give my Pet Pleasers sitter a key?
A key, garage code, or some other type of entry is provided for your sitter during your meet and greet unless additional arrangements are made for the sitter to get a key at another time, which may include the $10 fee.  If you have a garage code or a lock box with a key, our sitters are more than happy to enter through the garage or use a key located in a lock box. Keys can either remain with your sitter, or be returned to you at the end of services.
* How and when is payment made to Pet Pleasers?  Do I tip?
Payment can be made by cash or check. For multiple visits while you are out of town and overnight stays, all payments are due either before the first visit or should be left for the sitter to pick up when they make the first visit.  For regular ongoing daily visits, Pet Pleasers is happy to offer the option of weekly payments.  Any other options should be discussed with your sitter before your services begin. If paying by check, we expect to deposit or cash your check immediately. We also use ZELLE. If you ask us ahead of time to hold a check a day or two, we are happy to oblige. If your check bounces, the client is responsible for bank fees. Tipping is optional, but greatly appreciated. 
*Do I get reimbursed if my trip is cut short?
No, not unless you are able to give a 2 day notice.  Our sitters are commited to a schedule, and the time carved out to care for your pets should be honored.  For daily clients that have midday visits, your sitter should be notified by 8AM the morning of your midday walk to avoid a charge.
*Can my sitter administer medicine for my pets?
Yes, we do administer meds per your instructions. We also require a waiver to be signed by you at the meet and greet. Our sitters are not veternarians, and you will discuss the condition of your pets with your sitter.  We do not charge extra for administer medicine.
* Will I be notified when my sitter comes for visits?
For long term care pets, that are not daily visits, all sitters will notify you of the first visit to the home.  Subsequent updates can be arranged with your sitter. There can be as many or as few updates as you are comfortable with.  Sitters will also leave a Pet Report Card for your review upon returning home.  The same Report Card is used for our daily walk clients along with text messages when requested.
* What is your policy on bringing guests into client homes?
Pet Pleasers does not allow sitters to bring personal guests into your home. 
A sitter may bring another sitter to a visit for training purposes, if this is necessary, you will be notified.
* I will have housekeepers, maintenance or contractors, children, friends or family at my home while I am away, do I notify my sitter?
Yes. While our sitter is there to take care of your pet, they may also come in contact with these people. This is especially important when a sitter is in your home overnight.  If a sitter believes someone unknow has entered your home unlawfully, they will contact you as well as the authorities.  This is for the safety of our sitters as well as your home.  A sitter may also refuse to enter a home if it is evident that the premesis is unsafe. For the safety of our sitters, we ask that your sitter be made aware of any additional people that may come in your home while you are away. Please be aware that sitters will not be available to watch over any workers in your home. If a project requires around the clock monitoring, we politely ask you schedule said work before or after your trip.
* What happens if my usual Pet Pleasers sitter isn't available?
Whenever possible, we will assign another sitter to you.  The secondary sitter will come for a meet and greet if needed and time allows. If a meet and greet isn't needed or time does not permit, they will have access to all the same information as your primary sitter.  Each sitter has access to client information sheets and the back-up sitter will contact you if any questions arise. You are also welcome to leave any notes for the sitters for additional information or reminders. Sitters may also share visits if needed. Example; your primary sitter maybe able to cover part of your visits but not all of them, the secondary sitter would help cover the visits your primary isn't available for. This ensures you still receive consistent, quality care while you are away. All visits are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you book your dates, the more likely you are to get your primary sitter.
*What is the earliest/latest time my sitter will come for a visit?
Our sitters strive to keep your pet close to their usual schedule, however, we often have multiple visits and can not guarantee a specific time unless the need is medically related. Our visits begin at 8:00AM for morning visits and the final dinner visit is at 8:00PM. If you need something earlier or later you may speak with your sitter to see if they can accomodate your pets needs. Please note any visits before 8:00AM or later than 8:00PM may incur an additional before/after hours fee ranging from $5.00 to $10.00. 
There may be other questions not covered here, please give us a call and we're happy to answer any of your questions.
The Pet Pleasers Staff
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